Why do we give Show Cards and Gifts?

When you are new to the world of Amateur Theatre you can often be surprised by the kindness and generosity of your fellow performers with Good Luck cards and After Show gifts.

I think its a wonderful way to share the experience and create so many memories of each and every show. I used to keep scrapbooks of all the cards, photos and gift tags to remind me of past shows.

So what makes a good card or gift? Well ideally it should relate a little bit to the show youre doing but sometimes it can be related to a specific incident in the production run or rehearsals which is memorable.

Finding just the right gift can be quite a challenge and for some it can become an added stress for the production but it shouldn't be like that - the act of giving is a great thing.

Thats why we try to offer lots of ideas and solutions across a wide price range but, with so many shows available to perform we don't always have something for every single show however, we do have some more generic gifts and can also offer a custom gift or card service - just get in touch.

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